Privately held retreats that provide you the tools you need to mentally and physically reset with an uplifting community of people that feels like family.

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Prior Retreats

Next Level Retreat 2023 Recap

The 2023 Next Level Retreat was a life-changing opportunity for members of THE Course to take all the knowledge they’ve learned to the next level through exhilarating activities and challenges.

This incredible 4-day retreat in the beautiful Hocking Hills, Ohio included cold water plunging, nature hiking, invigorating workouts, intimate group seminars with deep level health information, breathing exercises, nutritious eating, pit burning, and so much more.

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After months of uplifting and supporting each other online​, members traveled from all across the United States to attend this health and wellness retreat. Needless to say, life-long friendships were created and strengthened.

Thank you to those who attended and continue to help grow THE Course community. You all inspire others that improving brain and gut health is life changing!

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