Alisha Alessi Barnes

I was there! Sitting in the front row and I took so many notes my hand cramped

Courtney Baumann

This was my very first event and I learned SO much!! You, my friend, definitely changed my life and the way I think about health!

Amanda Zenner Weber

Yep I remember, and I know my life was forever changed

Jose Rivas

You changed lives before and you’ll do it again, I know you’ll do it again!! 😀 Yea!!!

Linda Tuttle

….We believed in him (Lindsey Duncan) and in his products. It was heartbreaking when he was gone. He captivated so many people and showed them another way.

Lillian Buss

What an incredible journey of healing and transformation. Your strength and willingness to surrender all is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your journey with us…

Renee Colyer

Thank you <3 you are a true inspiration…hoping to even do baby steps. Thank you for sharing your wonder journey. Glad we are along for the ride.

Carla Unruh Brake

I have felt inspired by you since the first time I heard you speak back in 2013, and even thought its been ears since I’ve seen you in person, I still continue to learn from you. Thank you for always being willing to share.

Zarah Cochran Bates


Mary R. Staudt

I was there and loved all 4 hours of note taking. It could of gone 6 hours and I believe Lindsey, you would still have our attention. <3 Amazing teaching!!!

Carlette Hammond

I learned so much at this event!

Linda Chavera Martinez

I was there! Every word you shared was like food. Who needed to eat? It was amazing and I can’t say it enough I will forever be grateful to you.

Robert Muraida

I am so proud of you and your growth over the many years I have known you. I always saw an amazing person within you and you are shining your brightest light. Kudos, my friend for being the best you that you can be.

Lisa Lamb Fuller

This is amazing and beautifully raw. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I wish nothing but the best for you and Molly. Looking forward to seeing how the transformation goes from here <3

Linda Chavera Martinez

this type of knowledge and education you poured into all that knew/know you is what has made it super hard to continue our health journey without you. There has been no one else that I have met or listened or followed that came close to knowing the human body the way you do…The best days of my health journey is when you were part of it.

Leslie Pearl Cullers

Your mentorship changed my life and I continue your legacy to raise awareness and teach our children how to care for their temple. Thank you.

Angel Robles Adkins

That’s because you are an excellent speaker and people need what you have to give. I’m looking forward to hearing you teach again...So much <3

Ruth Voelker Burland

Definitely, amazing teaching with “copious” amounts of information!!

Kenny Gatts

I remember the cramps in my arms from holding my video camera for over 4 hrs. Multiple times, listening to your amazing knowledge about how to Fight the Things we Face Daily!! The world is walking around Vertically ill. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about constant & never ending improvement! Love ya Brother! You helped Change my Life! <3

PeggyJo Pauls

So happy for you! What a journey…God has big plans for you and Molly…! So thankful you’re both here to carry those plans out!

Susan Sorian

Thank you for inviting us along on your journey! Inspiring. Love you so much, pray for you often. I have a pocketful of quotes from you that God brings back to my mind and heart when needed. One of them is, “Pain is a great motivator…

Judy Williamson

My family and I will never forget you. You were a David to the giants of wrong eating and misinformation of nutrition. Then we had no idea of this unknown territory of the really good health and nutrition we had no idea about it until we heard your lectures. We were like sponges and have benefited greatly from you knowledge and wisdom and experiences. Thank you

Jonda Bauch

Wow what insight in praying!! I’m going to be praying different and thinking different!! Thank you!!

Desiree Reardon Scherdin

So great! I always found you so inspiring. I even had my husband come down to hear you speak so he could understand from the best why nutrition was so important. You really touched both of us. After his bout with cancer, you reached him. Now he helps drive the healthy lifestyle bus here. Thanks, Lindsey!

Becky Todd

You changed my family’s life!!! Couldn’t be more honored to have listened and never once wanted you to stop teaching. You are an angel sent from GOD. Forever Grateful! <3

Donne Harris

Cherry Fortner Harris and I were discussing your event yesterday! We’re excited! I’ve said many times over the years that not many, ever, can captivate an audience like Lindsey. Yours and Molly’s commitment to excellence and constant daily improvement have molded so many to find the BALANCE that you teach. We Love and admire you both!

Jimmy Westfall

What a testimony you have. You are an amazing man Mr. Duncan. Blessings.

Chris Oppenheimer

Lindsey, you my bother are truly one of the most resilient & passionate souls for all of humanity. It’s a privilege to call you friend and a blessing to be in the presence of you love, for self, and all of humanity. You were blessed to be a blessing. Thanks for who you are and the example you set through your way of being.

Melanie Phillips

So needed that!! God is using you powerfully!! Giving thanks.